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The Commercial C-Clamp System

  • Economical and easy to use temporary fall protection guardrail system for multi story buildings.
  • Out of the way suspended c-clamp system.
  • Provides brackets support for 2" X 4" cross rails or steel cables.
  • The c-clamp will attach to the top or bottom of the I-beam.
  • Features a top arm sleeve locking system.
  • Slide them around to desirable location by loosening the c-clamp bolt and the top locking sleeve.
  • No welding or cutting required.
  • Designed and manufactured to meet all applicable OSHA safety standards.
  • No expensive equipment to buy or rent.
  • Temporary guardrail system for structural I-beams with concrete decks.
  • Installation and removal work is done from the inside of the building.

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