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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the guardrail system on shingled roofs?
Yes, your guardrail system was specifically designed with this thought in mind. We have designed special roofing feet that enable workers to install the rails underneath shingles so that they do not damage the roof. The nails used to install the rails are nailed down after use and the shingles cover them from view.

How durable are the guardrails?
Your guardrail system is extremely durable. It is made of rugged 12 gauge steel and fully welded at all connections to provide you with years of durable use. Your system also has powder coat paint which is extremely durable against corrosion and inclement weather. The powder coat paint is actually baked onto your guardrail system providing complete coverage. It is also safer for the environment.

What if I have problems assembling the guardrails?
The guardrails were designed for ease of assembly. The fact that they are easy to assemble and install allows you and your workers to focus more on the job at hand. Each guardrail box comes complete with an instruction manual. These instructions provide not only worded instructions but also diagrams of your guardrails for you to visually see how they are assembled and attached to the roof or flat surfaces. Each box of accessories also come with an instruction manual to show how the accessories work hand in hand with your new guardrail system.

What kind of support is offered for my new guardrail purchase?
At Fall Protection Guardrail Systems we make it our top priority to satisfy our customers. We are here to assist you with any general or technical question you may have. Simply call our toll free number or e-mail us your questions or comments. We are here to help!

Can I use my new system on a variety of roof slopes?
Yes, Your new guardrail system was designed to work on roof slopes from a flat surface up to a 12:12 pitch roof. The walking platform may also be used for roofs with pitches between a 3:12 pitch to a 12:12 pitch. (See the label on the leg inserts)

Does my new guardrail system meet OSHA requirements?
Yes, our guardrail systems are designed and built to meet OSHA's requirements, (specifically regulations under Subpart M for fall protection guardrail systems). For total protection always inspect your fall protection system before use to be sure that no damaged parts are being used and that your guardrails are properly installed. Always replace worn or damaged parts before using the system.

How long does it take to receive my new guardrail system?
Receiving your new guardrail system will take 4-5 working days from the time the order was placed. Rush delivery is also available so you can start using your new system right away!

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