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Why Choose Fall Protection Guardrail Systems, LLC.?

Full Line of Temporary Guardrail Manufacturer:
  • Fall Protection Guardrail Systems, LLC. provides a full range of products designed to make a customer’s search for the right equipment as easy as possible.
  • When you buy THE BODYGUARD RAIL temporary guardrail systems, you are assured that you are buying a top notch and fully compatible systems.
Product Testing and Reliability:
  • Fall Protection Guardrail Systems, LLC. products are tested to meet or exceed all applicable OSHA safety standards.
  • The BODYGUARD RAIL is a unique fall protection guardrail system that is rugged, lightweight, and can be easily installed and dismantled by one person in minutes.
  • With its industrial paint finish THE BODYGUARD RAIL SYSTEMS will give you reliable service for years to come.
Service and Support:
  • Our Customer Service professionals can assist you by providing a wide range of detailed information by telephone, fax, email, or US Mail.
  • For more information on our products, please visit our website at WWW.BODYGUARDRAIL.COM
  • • For information on pricing, bulk discounts, distribution and purchasing, please contact us

    Phone: 1-800-582-0533
    Fax: 1-919-661-4430
    E-mail: info@bodyguardrail.com

    Thank you for your inquiry and have a safe day.

    Neil Beaulieu

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