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FALL PROTECTION GUARDRAIL SYSTEMS manufactures and sells guardrail systems that meet OSHA regulations throughout the United States and Canada.

The Bodyguard Rail System is a unique fall protection guardrail system that is rugged, lightweight, and can be easily installed and dismantled in minutes. With its industrial paint finish and durability The Bodyguard Rail systems will give you great service for years.

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Fall Protection Guardrail Systems was honored to have our Bodyguard Rails chosen to protect those rebuilding the Pentagon after 911.

The Bodyguard Rail systems works on:
 Parapet Walls
 Gable Ends
 Elevator Shafts
 Skylight Openings
 Concrete Slabs
 Roof Peaks
 Sloped Roofs
 Floor Openings
 Concrete Walls
 Metal Stud Walls
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